Established in 1883 and 2009, (.WAIT, WHAT?.) Perky Bros now exists to help brands gain clarity, value and distinction through design. We create visual identities, websites, packaging, print materials and any odd or end necessary to create an authentic experience.

Working with startups to more established brands, we like to keep our approach flexible. Regardless of what we’re tackling, we strive to offer solutions built on plain-spoken, ambitious ideas—always grounded in research and meticulously crafted in their execution.

Perky Bros calls Nashville, Tennessee home.

For project inquiries or a quick chat, please call, write or email us. Thanks for stopping by.

Perky Bros, llc
1200 Clinton Street
Suite N° 205
Nashville, TN 37203

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Jefferson Perky

Creative Director

Born the son of a lawyer and a music teacher in West TN, Jeff is a product of creativity and logic. Jeff joined the ad world as an account executive after earning a degree in business from the University of Tennessee. After five years of brand management and strategy experience, he headed to NYC where he graduated from Parson’s School of Design and worked with smaller design-focused practices. Drawing from these experiences, Jeff returned to Nashville and opened the doors of Perky Bros in 2009.

In a short amount of time, Perky Bros has gained a reputation of highly crafted design. Jeff’s work has been featured in books, blogs and publications worldwide.


Lindsey Laseter

Art Director/Designer

Fascinated by human connections, Lindsey originally set out to be a psychologist. However, after a few years down that path, she refocused her passion toward communication and design. Picking up her roots in South Carolina, she moved to Nashville to pursue her BFA at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Now armed with an unique foundation of human behavior and outstanding design principles, she thrives on creating unique solutions that connect brands to their audience on a personal level.


Rex Runyeon

Art Director/Designer

Rex grew up south of Nashville, somewhere in between its soccer fields and skateparks. His interest in arts and culture lead him to pursue an education in design at Watkin’s College of Art. Since earning his BFA, Rex spent his time working with a variety of Nashville’s businesses—from restaurants and record labels to museums. This diverse range of experience has taught him that there are many ways to skin a cat, and to always come correct with thoughtful ideas, typography and materials.

Note:  Rex has never skinned a cat, though we wouldn’t doubt that he could do it.


Marks + Logo Design
Identity Systems
Brand Guidelines
Creative Direction
Art Direction

Stationery Systems

Direct Mail

Planning + Architecture
Website Design
Email Template Design

  • Creative Mornings Speaker, 2017
  • First things First, 2016
  • New Retro, 2016
  • Bon Appetit, 2016
  • Print Regional Design Award, 2015
  • Communication Arts Feature, 2015
  • Crests & Shields, 2015
  • Brand New Conference Speaker, 2014
  • Real Simple Magazine, 2013
  • IDN Magazine, 2012
  • AIGA Case Awards 2011 (Cloudberry)
  • AIGA Case Awards 2011 Best of Print (Peter & Reid)
  • Real Simple Magazine, 2011
  • Branding Magic, 2010
  • Nice to Meet You Too, 2010
  • Communication Arts, Site of the Day 2010
  • How Magazine Feature, 2010
  • AIGA Case Award, 2010 (Great Stage Park)
  • Impressive, 2010

We’re also proud to have our work featured by:
Design Work Life, The Dieline, Lovely Package, BP&O, Site Inspire, Graphic Exchange, Type Wolf, Mindsparkle Mag & Behance


Perky Bros was originally established in 1883 as a transfer and storage company in Kansas City, MO by Daniel Jefferson Perky and his brother Albin. The service has changed, but our sleeves remain rolled up with the belief that moving boxes (or shall we say people) requires a little elbow grease. Truth be told, we are currently unaware of any biological brothers. Fortunately we have a superb group of clients, writers, developers, photographers, printers and voices in our heads to keep us company.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the family please get in touch.